1. Almost like being in love (cover)4:23
  2. East Of The Sun (cover)3:56
  3. Bluesette (cover)4:23
  4. My one and only love (cover)5:31
  5. Love me or leave me (cover)4:30
  6. Alison (cover)4:39
  7. Mona Lisa (cover)3:59
  8. Misty (cover)5:08
  9. As long as I live (cover)4:12
  10. Angel eyes (cover)7:50
  11. Cheek to cheek (cover)4:25
  12. Just in time (cover)3:26

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ONE [デジタル配信]

Release Date : 2020年10月28日
Artist : 甲斐久仁江
Genres : Jazz, Vocal
Format : CD

甲斐久仁江 1st ALBUM「ONE」

Vocal 甲斐久仁江 Piano 荒武裕一朗 Bass 佐藤有介 Drum 力武誠